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Deakin Estate, passionate about food as much as wine, has collected recipes kindly sent to us by friends who have perfected their own food matches for our wine. Do you have an idea for matching food to one of our wines? Upload a recipe and share with everyone else.
Food that goes with Deakin Estate Moscato
Pinot Noir

Limoncello soaked sponge cake 'tower' with berries and frutti di bosco balsamic dressing


FOR SPONGE CAKE ("easy to multiply" recipe)
30g caster sugar 30g flour Pinch of salt Pinch of baking powder
1 egg

250g Double Cream
1 lemon
1 tbsp castor sugar

Mix the sugar and egg, beat with a mixer until starting to peak (it won't get too stiff, no matter how much you beat it). fold in the flour, baking powder and pinch of salt (lifts the flavour). Spread on a butter-greased baking tray. Cook for 5 minutes on 180ÂșC (a little bit longer if you're making more/layer of mixture is thicker).

While the sponge cake is in the oven, beat 250ml double cream until stiff with a tbsp castor sugar, zest and the juice of half lemon.
Cut the sponge cake into circles (easier if you have the "food-cutters", or whatever they're called).
Brush them with a mixture of limoncello and melted sugar, spread some of the cream mixture, top the cake circles with raspberries and add a dollop of cream on the middle (so it binds together the next topping sponge circle).
Repeat the process with the '2nd floor' but use blueberries this time. The '3rd floor' is made with the star-shaped sponge cake bits that are left out of the circles you've cut already (oh lord, maybe things aren't making sense anymore), and you should finish with a little cream (for the base) and a shiny raspberry on the top. You should now have in front of you a three-storey sponge/berry tower.

The Frutti di Bosco balsamic is a reduction of balsamic vinegar with fruits of the forest (blackberries, raspberries and strawberries). If that is too much, you can make instead a raspberry coulis.

More like a high-tea service, a dessert glass of Deakin Estate Moscato starts you up with aromas of wild flowers, a slightly sweet and trilling palate of sweet green apples that is more like a sunny day in countryside.
The Sponge Berry Tower is just as light as the wine, keeping your tasting buds tingling with a lemony acidity (from the lemon cream and limoncello) whilst sweetening your senses with a burst of berries and the heavenly-soft sponge cake. That's when you have the second helping of the cake, this time scraping out the concentrated balsamic of fruits of the forest (oh, the forest fruits!) and another sip of refreshing light sweetness and pure enjoyment. You can already see yourself back in that relaxed afternoon when the sun was lazy and life was light and easy. Yum! Yum!

Recipe by Athila Roos